hithatsmeg : Dear Diary !

Dear Diary ,

In you I see a friend who is keeping all my secrets . I  started writing   when I had him , you saw  the happiness I felt  when I met him . Do you remember the day i told you how happy and blessed I feel to be with him , that how complete I feel in this incomplete world when he is around .

You saw those tears dripping when my world fall apart , when I was standing on the edge of the cliff  hoping that he wont push my trust but then he did … he did all that he promised he would never do …

Today , all I have is you , his memoriesmaxresdefault those wet pages that I read and re-read and feel like a fool to have trusted you . You scattered  me in pieces and yet i hope non of the piece ever reach to hurt you . I foresee nothing but happiness for you and as for me I have my diary … I think I will be fine  I hope you right a wonderful page in someone else’s book  coz to my diary you just turned out to be some torned wet pages-




Starting my youtube channel!!

Hey everyone , I am so happy to announce that I have started my  You tube channel Here is the link to it :Ladiesblackbook

Please share some love . I know its not perfect but I am still learning and looking forward for your support .


My first post is on my skincare routine – I have used herbal products .


Let me know what you think about it .




Room Decor eSsentials | In Budget

Here I have listed few things that you can pick to spice your room up . They will not only look good but give an edge to your area . All you need is : 

1. A really good set of throw pillow and cushions along with a light comforter 
2. A beautiful table lamp to add some definition to the room 
3. Some fairy lights : you can put them on the head board if your bed or on your side table . It looks really pretty and festive 🙂 
4. Some nice organiser to keep your stuff 
5. Few cute and quirky wall decorations 
6. And lastly don’t forget to keep your room smelling good . Ensure to have some really good candles 
Don’t forget to fill your room with love and happiness 
Xoxo … #Decor